Monday, September 25, 2006

San Francisco

San Francisco is a nice city, I was a little surprised how many beggars there were on the streets through. If you are visiting be prepared to have to tell a whole bunch of people that you don't have a spare "quarter". Otherwise I'd recomend the place...

Golden Gate Bridge
The golden gate bridge, probably one of the most photographed bridges in the world.

Golden Gate Bridge (from the water)
Golden gate again this time from the salsolito ferry.

A Sea Gull in a fountain

The GE Motors for the San Francisco Cable Cars
The machinary running San Francisco's famous cable cars.


China Town (San Francisco)
China Town

A Mural in San Francisco
There are quite a few murals in San Fran because the graffiti artists respect the muralists work and don't deface it. People often get a mural painted as a sort of graffiti deterant...

A San Francisco Fire Truck
A Fire Truck

The Ferry Building (San Francisco)
The ferry building

The Salsalito Ferry
The Salsalito Ferry

A Sculpture in San Francisco
A Lawn Sculpture.

San Francsico Landscape
Part of the City

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)
And one final Golden Gate Bridge photo to finish it off...

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