Monday, May 28, 2007

Amazon thinks I should find God!

I know that humorous recommendations are 'old hat' but I had to share this one... Recommends Finding God

Thanks Amazon but I've already found him...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blogging explosion

Over the last few weeks there has been what you could only really call a blogging explosion at my church. A number of the leaders in the youth and young adults ministries have started blogging and commenting on others blogs.

So far we have:
Clive Smit - South African, Youth Pastor, Leadership guru in the making.
Jeremy Sargent - Evangelist Extraordinaire, Leads "Here I am Send Me".
Kenrick (Rico) Smith - Passionate Life Group leader, Has a personal vendetta to make sure I have a joyful life. Thanks Bro!
Cat Taylor - According to her blog she's a 22year old princess! She also helps leads the girls life groups for the church's student ministry.
Rachael Rickard - PA to the senior pastor, Married to the head of the production ministry. She claims sound techs wives are going to get the biggest mansions in heaven!
Ryan O'Connor - Computer Science student, Always keen to help out somewhere.

I'm excited to see this blogging, it great to see people I know sharing their thoughts with the world and getting feedback from others.

I hope to see lots more posts and comments from all of you!

Let me know if I've missed anyone... Wykie, you need more than just photos bro...