Tuesday, December 23, 2003

What did you buy people for Christmas?

Interesting Question isn't it?
How often do we ask that?
I know for me by far the best part about Christmas is buying the presents and giving the presents.
What wouldn't you give to see your little sisters face light up as she unwraps your gift! Or how your mum cries as a
present just touches her heart...

Too often at Christmas we are focused on what we got, and how it compares to others.
How can we do this !
Christmas is the celebration of Christ's Gift to the world. Eternal Salvation.
Through his death we can have a life full of joy and happiness, because we are content and secure in his love.
And Its Free for the asking, all you have to do is turn from the things he doesn't want you to do, and agree to follow him.
Its not rocket science! But it does require a sacrifice, turning you life over to him.
(please email me if you want to talk about this : james@jambe.cjb.net)

But Getting back to the question I asked at the start,
I want it to do two things, firstly I want to ask that question to you. What did you get for your friends and family? In answering that question you should look at yourself.
What are you focused on? Do you care about the gifts you got them, or are you just hanging out to receive your own?

Secondly I suggest that we should all ask that to others, giving them the opportunity so share with you the joy they have received from giving.
They can tell you the stories of how they found each item, of the recipients face as they received it, etc.

Now isn't that better than asking each other what we got?
Choosing to focus on giving will also help you to enjoy receiving, because you can see the love that's gone into your grandma's jar of Jam she gives you, or the hand knitted sweater from your aunt. As you may have heard before, its the thought that counts. You will love the gift because the giver loves you!

Well that's my 2 cents on Christmas ...

Remember the Focus is Jesus not ourselves,
Remember the recipe for JOY:
J esus
O thers
Y ou

Have an amazing Christ-Centered holiday,

Blessings to all,