Monday, September 25, 2006

HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast, one of the last world war II cruisers still a float. It is now a floating museum sitting in the calm water of the Thames in London.

One the original boats from HMS BelfastOne the original boats from HMS Belfast Hosted on Zooomr

Apparently this is one of the very last boats of it's kind, used during world war II.

HMS Belfast Radio TowerHMS Belfast Radio Tower Hosted on Zooomr

One of many big guns on The Belfast (HMS Belfast)One Of the many big guns on The Belfast (HMS Belfast) Hosted on Zooomr

The Two 8in Gun Turrets (HMS Belfast)The Two 8in Gun Turrets (HMS Belfast) Hosted on Zooomr

Apparently these guns have been aimed to blow up the M1 Motorway!

Me a Prisoner! (HMS Belfast)Me a Prisoner! (HMS Belfast) Hosted on Zooomr

Part of the Gear box (HMS Belfast)Part of the Gear box (HMS Belfast) Hosted on Zooomr

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