Tuesday, August 24, 2004

English in anyone's Language

Heres another article worth reading (especially if you understand australian)
Humorously highlighting the diversity of the English language:

English in anyone's language


A bit of linguistics for your day?

TIME Europe - On language changes in Germany

I found this article very interesting, its talking about how the German government has changed its spelling system, hoping to provide a system that is easier to learn...
Already countries like Switzerland have attempted similar changes, It basically means that everyone needs to learn two languages. The current "proper" Spellings and the old style so that you can still communicate with everyone...

Anyway read the article,


Thursday, August 19, 2004

John The Baptists Cave?

I thought this was an interesting discovery, even John the Baptist never went their, it is interesting that the Biblical Stories of John the Baptist are depicted on the walls...

Cave linked to John the Baptist

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Google + Nutch Blogs

As the Blog revolution continues to expand, we are starting to see both companies and individuals, blogging about their work. Athough this is probably just an attempt to show how smart they are, It can make informative reading :)
Here are two blogs I have enjoyed reading:

Google Blog
- Google is a Search engine (you might have heard of it?). Their Blog seems to feature various examples of their cleverness, as well as other "Google Life" commentary.

Nutch Blog
- Nutch is an Open Source Project that is developing Search Software that aims to equal to google in quality. The Blog is written by Doug Cutting Nutch's Lead Developer.

AWAW Begins

For a while I have been thinking about starting "A Word A Week" email. Although there are many good "A Word A Day" emails, Recieving an email every day if often too much for a busy Schedule. I also want to focus my attention of useful words, but ones that aren't used very often.

I have started A new blog for this venture, go check it out at http://awaw.blogspot.com