Sunday, August 21, 2005

Flickr Magazine

Flickr Magazine

Have you always wanted to invent a magazine cover?
Here's your chance!
1. Upload a picture to flickr (or find one that is already there)
2. Head over to this site and put in all the details.
3. Admire your creation.
4. See what others have done...

Friday, August 19, 2005

Free access to a unix server!

Are you interested in Learning how to operate linux/unix? I turns out there is a non-profit organisation in the us that allows free accounts on a unix server on the internet! You can host your own website, check your mail, do just about anything!

Heres what they have to say about themselves:
The Super Dimension Fortress is a networked community of free software
authors, teachers, students, researchers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and
the blind. It is operated as a federally recognised non-profit 501(c)(7)
and is supported by its members.

Our mission is to provide remotely accessible computing facilities for
the advancement of public education, cultural enrichment, scientific
research and recreation. Members can interact electronically with each
other regardless of their location using passive or interactive forums.
Further purposes include the recreational exchange of information
concerning the Liberal and Fine Arts.

Members have UNIX shell access to games, email, usenet, chat, bboard,
webspace, gopherspace, programming utilities, archivers, browsers, and
more. The SDF community is made up of caring, highly skilled people who
operate behind the scenes to maintain a non-commercial INTERNET."

Check it out

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A mention in the press!

Some times it pays to be first :)

A few weeks ago, I made a quick comment on Robert Scoble's Blog. I mentioned that he had made a mistake in reading the number of blog posts that link to his weblog. See his post here

Little did I know that David Berlind over at ZDNet would mention me in responding to Schoble! Check it out for yourself:
Microsoft's Scoble questions ZDNet's agenda

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiates has always been one of my favorites books in the Bible. I love the way that solomon shares his own thoughts and fears on life.
Khouse have just put an article online about the book. Here's a quick quote:
"Ecclesiastes is different from any other book of the Bible. It does not dwell on the covenant, the election of Israel, redemption, prophecy, sacred history, or the temple. Its focus is on man the creature, his life on earth, and the inscrutability of God and His ways. Ecclesiastes goes beyond the other wisdom literature to emphasize the fact that human life and human goals, as ends in themselves and apart from God, are futile and meaningless." - Read more at Koinonia house

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Is man made to work?

I love this quote from Paul Graham:
"As societies get richer, they learn something about work that's a lot like what they learn about diet. We know now that the healthiest diet is the one our peasant ancestors were forced to eat because they were poor. Like rich food, idleness only seems desirable when you don't get enough of it. I think we were designed to work, just as we were designed to eat a certain amount of fiber, and we feel bad if we don't." Paul Graham - What Business Can Learn from Open Source.

Isn't it funny that the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence? Because we have to work we wish we didn't! If, like me, you have had times in your life when you didn't have much to do, you soon realize how empty that kind of existence is.
Rick Waren made this point in his book, "The Purpose Driven Life". We are not here on earth to sit around an make life as easy as possible for ourselves. Instead we are here for a mission (a purpose), to make Jesus known throughout out the world, to live in fellowship with one another, to worship God, and to serve others.
Notice the last point, serving others?
Serving others is the basis of open source software, the open source movement is fueled by people who say, I am willing to give my time and effort so that I am able to help others get great software. Without this attitude I suggest that open source wouldn't get very far.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Optical Illusions on pavement

These pavement drawings are amazing!

Here is a globe (Commissioned for live8):

From the other side:

See more pavement drawings at Julian Beevers Website:
Julian Beever's pavement drawings