Friday, August 25, 2006

Flying Brunskills

My family has been nicknamed "the flying Brunskills" for as long as I can remember. The name is actually quite descriptive, as we do tend to do things suddenly out of the blue and we also tend to decide to do something the do it imediately. Why wait once you have decided? Examples include my Father leaving a promising law career and moving to Australia to study the bible, then again later leaving a secure job as a pastor in new zealand for the freezing cold Canada before returning to new zealand as an unpaid missionary! So interms of crazy things to do, this is really pretty minor, but less than two weeks ago my work told me they were sending me to San Francisco for the BEA World Conference in September. I decided that since I am in need of a holiday, and it wouldn't cost me too much more to travel from San Francisco to London and back I should do it. I am now sitting my sisters house in london having travelled halfway around the world. During my trip I'll be posting photos and possibly some comentary (depends how much time I get on my computer) on this blog.

As long as I have enough space, I'll probably be uploading the photo's to picasaweb as well.

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