Monday, May 12, 2003

Well, this blog is now listed on and I have linked to it from my main page. All of which means that people are actually comming here! So I thought I have better do a little update.
I got this great guestbook entry today

What is your name? Mercedes
How did you find this Web Site? Searching for information on Proverbs 4
Are you glad you found it? remind me of a friend I know...always conscious of his 'rambling' which really isn't rambling at all. [:D]
Did you find what you wanted? No. Like I said I was looking for information about Prov 4, but more specifically verses 23 - 27.
will you come back? Since you asked, and I see no reason not to, YES.
Do you have any comments? I am impressed by your website and wondered what made you decided to create it?

Well Mercedes, I am glad you don't consider my rambling "rambling". Maybe rambling has something to do with greatness,,,

Anyhow, you raised the question "why did I create this site"? well...

<begin story>
Firstly I started creating a webpage because I wanted to find out how to do it. I made one about my family, with prayer requests information etc. however this soon became boring so I created my own personal website (with frames and everything!) It didn't really have much, links page to my favorite websites, the Online KJV Bible (much the same as today), and a "did you know" page. Of course basicly no one came to this page,but it was fun making it though.
<end story>

Well thats how I got started, hopefully I will finish the story tommorow, so check back then if it isn't allready here :)


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