Tuesday, May 13, 2003

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My website really took of, when I realised that you needed to submit your website to search engines. I started with Yahoo! and then found some "submiter" sites. I started geting hits. However the hits were very few and far between, Wondering if anything could be done I read some articles on how to get more. This involved, making meta tags, adding keywords to your pages etc. None of this was very successful, then I stumbled across the most important aspect of all. In order for people to find your site you need something that they will be looking for. So I started writing stuff, I wrote the Project X.16 page, and a short look at evolution. This increased hit significantly. Then the webpromotion world went nuts as google apeared on the scene. I was amazed how easily I found pages using google and investigated into how it worked. As you probably know google ranks sites according to how many links are pointing to it. Armed with this knowlege I started to find people to exchange links with, this definately increases the hits you get! Anyway I think I was side tracked there :) if you want to read more about promoting your site of want to exchange links the best thing to do is to go to my web promotion page (which needs an update) and read it.

To answer the question "why did I make this site?", I started this site as an learning exercise and it hasn't stopped since :)

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Thats one of your questions answered.

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