Thursday, July 24, 2003


I heard an interesting thing the other day.
In Latin the root 'Mort' means Death (ie Mortal)
And the root 'Gage' meands "Grip" or "Grasp" ie (John went outside to gage the extent of the damage.)
Putting this together means the Mortgage means "Death Grip"....

Of course they were probably talking about it being something that has a grip on you untill it dies. But it's quite funny to think of it as something that has you in its grip untill you die :)

Anyway as can tell I am still alive, and I am working on the next version of JWT. It will be implemented in JAVA so if you don't already have Java installed on your computer you will have to download Java to run it. It think it is something like 5Mb. The actual JWT download should be relatively small. You will hear more about it soon enough.
The old version is still avaliable here if you are interested, or don't know what on earth I am talking about.

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