Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sermon Quotes

Well, since it'd been such a very long time since I posted to my blog, I thought I'd better do something.

Went to Gateway Church in Hamilton this morning. The pastor (Don Barry) spoke about the tension between calvininsm and arminianism and why it is important for us to grapple with the paradox these theological positions create. Rather than discuss that debate, especially since I'm still rather struggling with it myself. I thought I'd share a couple of quotable Quotes from the message.

Idea's have consequences.
        - Don Barry

It's God's will that man chooses.
       - Jack Hayford

Pentecostalism is often guilty of having the fire without the fireplace.
       - Don Barry

If you don't like mystery, you probably won't enjoy the christan life.
        - G K Chesterton

There's theology everywhere.
        - Don Barry

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Anonymous said...

I know you didn't plan on starting a debate on this topic, but I have a few unoriginal ideas of my own. Namely that arminianism falls short on the fact that if you take it through to its logical conclusion, then you have to say that man's free will is more powerful than God's sovereignty. This doesn't line up with the God of the Bible, however.

I guess the reason that this is such a big debate is because inevitably you end up opening the can of worms that is predestination, but I don't believe we should avoid that topic just because we don't have all the answers.