Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blogging explosion

Over the last few weeks there has been what you could only really call a blogging explosion at my church. A number of the leaders in the youth and young adults ministries have started blogging and commenting on others blogs.

So far we have:
Clive Smit - South African, Youth Pastor, Leadership guru in the making.
Jeremy Sargent - Evangelist Extraordinaire, Leads "Here I am Send Me".
Kenrick (Rico) Smith - Passionate Life Group leader, Has a personal vendetta to make sure I have a joyful life. Thanks Bro!
Cat Taylor - According to her blog she's a 22year old princess! She also helps leads the girls life groups for the church's student ministry.
Rachael Rickard - PA to the senior pastor, Married to the head of the production ministry. She claims sound techs wives are going to get the biggest mansions in heaven!
Ryan O'Connor - Computer Science student, Always keen to help out somewhere.

I'm excited to see this blogging, it great to see people I know sharing their thoughts with the world and getting feedback from others.

I hope to see lots more posts and comments from all of you!

Let me know if I've missed anyone... Wykie, you need more than just photos bro...

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Cat said...

Hey james,

I think you will find that there are also a lot more people from church blogging just using Bebo instead! I know of quite a few people using this format,