Thursday, January 19, 2006

Relative links in bloglines

I was just reading this post from a sun blog and clicked on the link to another sun blog called Sunfleet and was awarded a bloglines 404 (ie page not found). Now the blog author did use the syntax ../../sunrise/ to point to the blog which doesn't make a lot of sense in a rss feed, but it wouldn't be hard for bloglines resolve it to a real link. Google Reader seems to handle it nicely. Even a best effort solution would be better than giving the average user a 404...

(I would show you what it looks like in bloglines and google reader, but I can't figure out how to link to usable pages.)


Anonymous said...


I can't seem to reproduce the problem you were seeing with the sunfleet links. When I load the page, I have absolute links, if you could point me to the specific problematic links I'd appreciate it.


James said...

Hi Paul,

Here is the "offending" link in your RSS Feed.

Be sure to check out <a href="../../sunfleet" target="_self">SunFleet,</a>

The syntax is the same on the sun page, but it works fine as the relative links make sense in that context.
However if the RSS Feed was used on another page it might not. In my case (because I was reading it with the bloglines feed reader) the links was pointing at which isn't a valid url.

I wasn't intending to make a big deal out of it :) What I was really trying to say in my blog post is that people can't be expected to get the syntax right all the time, and where possible bloglines should do it's best to sort it out...