Thursday, December 15, 2005

Google releases Firefox extensions

Google has just announced 2 new firefox extentions.

One is a sort of one page blogosphere search, telling you what the world is saying about the current page. And the other is designed to warn you about dangerous sites. Which I guess is google's entry into the anti-phishing toolbar arena along with other players:
NetCraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar (Internet Explorer)
Microsofts Phishing Filter (Internet Explorer)
Outfoxed (Firefox)

It is great idea for search engines to help protect customers computers, they have the right data in their index, and they want the data they will learn by giving away a service like this (all the urls that you visit). It seems like a fair trade to me, others will have their privacy concerns...

It appears that google safe browsing is only available for users in USA, with is a little bit sad for people like me in New Zealand. Interestingly Glen Murphy (the guy who wrote the google blog post) is an Austalian, so prehaps there is some hope for those of us who live down under...

BTW: Can we get it as a web service please google? It would be awesome if we could dynamically block sites at an isp or work place before you even get to the site!


Anonymous said...

i am wondering how you reached

James said...

I looked in the source code for the page and for this url:

When I went to it, I got redirected to

Anonymous said...

Thanks, James and cherryblu for responding.