Monday, June 20, 2005

Small is the New Big

I thought it was interesting what Seth Godin (who I gather is an author of some kind) said about Churches in his article: Small is the New Big!

He said this, "A small church has a minister with the time to visit you in the hospital when you’re sick."
It is so true! In our Mega-Church culture, we have moved away from churches that have time for indivduals, we now have churches that just serve some arbitrary (though admirable) vision. Personally, I hope Seth is right and we start to move back towards smaller, more personable churches... With a the right lessons learn along the way of course :)

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Shewmaker said...

The biggest problem with most churches is that the focus is on what humans want and not on what God wants. For example, the slogan "Attend the church of YOUR choice," places the emphasis on you the human.

How public worship is conducted is based on what humans want and humans enjoy. For example, Humans focus on the physical beauty of a singer's voice and forget that God listens to the spirit.

How decisions are made focuses on human desire and perverts the Bible into a book which is designed to place limitations on human desire. Most churches ask, "Where does the Bible say that it is forbidden?" instead of asking "Where does God authorize it." Asking "where is it authorized" recognizes the Bible as a book which is designed to empower the believer, while asking "Where is it forbidden" treats the Bible as if God intended it primarily to prohibit the saved.

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