Saturday, August 09, 2003

Richard Feynman streamed video Lectures

Another link that I just picked up from the Simon Singh Newsletter is this : Richard Feynman : "A theory of Everything"??? : Streamed video
The lecture topic itself is quite technical, but he is a brillient speaker and even if you just listen to the preamble I am sure you will enjoy it. (well maybe you need a touch of nerd) If you are somebody who wants to teach or is a teacher (in the truer sense of the word) then It might be interesting to watch as an example of someone who can make what could be very boring, both interesting and humorus. And he does so with out fancy slides, or live experiments.

I am probably raving far too much, and overhyping it but If you have some time to spare,
Why not check it out?

I don't have sufficent scientific knowlege to tell you how upto date or how relevant the topic is, as it was published (I think) in 1978.


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